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        Harvard Business School Club of Japan Newsletter

Vol. X - No.2                                                                                                                                              April 2003

Note:  If you received this newsletter via mail and would like to receive future editions by fax, please notify Eiji Press via fax at 03-5784-6483. 

-            Japan Trek 2003 Reception on May 22 (Keynote:  Yukio Hatoyama)

-            Presentation on Real Options on June 4 by Johnathan Mun, the author of the bestseller textbook

-            Global Leadership Forum in Shanghai postponed until June 2004

-           Recent Event Reports



Directory Update

Thank you for your cooperation for collecting the information for updating the club directory.  The new club directory will be available at the end of June.  If you have further changes in your address and other information, please contact:  Eiji Harada at eharada@eijipress.co.jp, or 5784-6483 (fax).  The directory information maintained at HBS Boston is not linked to the club directory.  If your contact details have changed, please make sure to update the information at HBS Boston as well by accessing the following website:  http://www.alumni.hbs.edu/contact/datasheet/index.jhtml  


HBS Japan Trek 2003@Reception and Keynote Speeches

Thursday, May 22


Please join us in welcoming HBS class of 2003/2004 at the annual Japan Trek Reception.   The reception features keynote speakers Mr. Yukio Hatoyama and another prominent speaker from business community (TBD).  The reception provides the opportunity to meet Japan Trek participants, admitted students, and HBS alumni.  If you will be joining us, please RSVP using the attached reply form.  Another speaker will be announced soon.


Date & Time:  May 22 (Thu) 19:00 - 22:00

Place: Keio Plaza Hotel (2-2-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-8330)

            Phone: 03-3344-0111

       Keynote Speech (19:00-20:30) at Harmony (44F)

       Reception (20:30-22:00) at Moonlight (43F)

Registration Fee:  6,000 yen per person (including drinks and buffet-type meal).

Due to space constraints, please limit your guests to two per each alumnus/a.  The same registration fee is applicable to your guests.


19:00 - 19:45: Keynote speech by Mr. Yukio Hatoyama

19:45 - 20:30: Keynote speech (TBD)

20:30 - 22:00: Reception


This event is supported by accenture, Marubeni Corporation, IF Foreign Language Institute, HBS Club of Japan, UBS Warburg, The Princeton Review of Japan.  For more details of Japan Trek 2003, please visit the following website:  http://isites.hbs.edu/index.jhtml?site=1019

If you have any questions, please send your e-mail to: Hiroshi Sakakibara (hsakakibara@mba2004.hbs.edu) or Reina Mizuno (rmizuno@mba2004.hbs.edu)

 (Taichi Fukuda, MBA2001)  

Application Form

To: Ms. Kayoko Watanabe, McKinsey & Co., Inc.

FAX to: (03) 5562-2214 or E-mail to event@hbscoj.dp.u-netsurf.ne.jp

Phone: 03-5562-2106

Event: Conference / Reception Party for HBS Japan Trek 2003 (May 22, 2003)

Member's Title: Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr. ____________________________
Member's Last Name: ________ ____________________________
Member's First Name: ____________________________________
Program (e.g. MBA 99): ____________________________________
Company/Organization: ____________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
Fax: ____________________________________
E-mail Address: ____________________________________

Name and Title of Spouse/Guest (1) ____________________________
Company/Organization: ____________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
Fax: ____________________________________
E-mail Address: ____________________________________

Name and Title of Guest (2) ____________________________________
Company/Organization: ____________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________
Fax: ____________________________________
E-mail Address: ____________________________________



2003 Global Leadership Forum in Shanghai Postponed to 2004

Announcement from HBS

After careful consideration of the health concerns in Asia, we have decided to postpone the Shanghai 2003 HBS Global Leadership Forum originally scheduled for June 17-20 to June 15-17, 2004 (again in Shanghai).  We are extremely grateful to our friends in China who have worked hard to confirm these new dates, and we look forward to celebrating with all attendees next year. In the meantime, those of you who have already registered may choose to roll over your fees to next year or obtain a full refund.

For more information, please contact the Event Manager in Hong Kong at hbssh2003@mphk.com or check the Web site for updates:  http://www.hbsshanghai2003.org.  Be sure to mark the new dates in your calendar.


Presentation on Real Options:

Analytical Tool to Deal with Uncertainty for Non-Financial Executives


On the evening of Wednesday, June 4, the HBS Club of Japan will host a presentation on real options by Johnathan Mun, the author of gReal Options Analysis: Tools and Techniques for Valuing Strategic Investments and Decisions,h the bestselling textbook on the subject. (His book is selling better than the one written by Tom Copeland, an adjunct professor at HBS!)


You may think, gWe should leave the quantitative analysis to MIT and Chicago graduates,h or gOptions are for people under age 35 and financial people.  I do not need them.h  But that is wrong; real options are for real business and real people.  It is a tool to deal with strategic decisions in uncertain environment, such as investment in new, unproven technology or a project involving a very high stake.  In the U.S., real options are used in investment as well as exit decisions by companies in IT (including internet), venture capital, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries, including GM, GE, AT&T, HP, Sprint, Boeing, BP, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Schlumberger.


Johnathan Munfs book has received nine 5-star reviews on Amazon because of an easy, clear explanation and a good balance between theory and practice.  The readersf comments include:  ga digestible user-friendly book,h gcrystal clear and exponentially easy for senior management to understand,h and gextensive insight into real-world applications.h  The book is currently used as textbooks at many business schools including Wharton.  The translation of this book (by Professor Yuichiro Kawaguchi and Kozo Keikaku Engineering) is scheduled to be published in May.


Date:                 Wednesday, June 4

Time:           Reception:         6:30-7:00 pm
Presentation:            7:00-8:00 pm
Q&A:                8:00-8:30 pm

Venue:         Tokyo American Club  (http://www.tokyoamericanclub.org)

Fees:            5000 yen (members)
7000 yen (non-members and spouses, families)

                         One Free Drink included.  Light snacks will be served buffet style. 

(Toshimasa Mori, MBA93; Masako Egawa, MBA86)


Please email or fax attendance to Ms. Kayoko Watanabe (at McKinsey & Co., Inc.)

E-mail :  event@hbscoj.dp.u-netsurf.ne.jp        Fax: 03-5562-2214 / Phone: 03-5562-2106

Event: June 4 (Wednesday)  Real Options Presentaiton (by Johnathan Mun)

Member's Title: Mr./Mrs./Ms._________________________

Member Name:                    __________________________

Program (e.g. MBA 99):     __________________________

Company/Organization:    __________________________

Phone:                                ___________________________

E-mail or Fax                    ___________________________

Name of Spouse/Guest    ___________________________

Recent Event Reports -------------


    Entrepreneur of the Year Award Reception

Michio Matsui of Matsui Securities

On February 13, the HBS Club of Japan presented the third Entrepreneur of the Year Award to Michio Matsui, President of Matsui Securities, at Josui Kaikan.  Mr. Matsui discussed his views on the financial industry as well as the Japanese business society.  He emphasized the importance of taking a rational approach and delegating responsibility to the people in their 40s who are not saddled with gshigarami.h  His presentation was followed by a lively Q&A session.

                                                                (Jeff McNeill, MBA80; Masako Egawa, MBA86)


Kresge Club:  Tak Niinami (MBA91), CEO of Lawson


Kresge Club invited Tak (Takeshi)  Niinami, MBA 1991, CEO of Lawson Inc. on March 31. Lawson is one of the largest convenient store chain operators in Japan. Tak shared the insight on Lawson's new strategy, competition, his management challenges and various other issues. The event attracted over 65 alumni and their guests, who actively participated in Q&A session.  

(Kei Shibata, MBA98)

AHUACA Conference to Be Held in Makati, Philippines in February 2004

The Association of Harvard University Alumni Clubs of Asia (AHUACA) will host a conference on February 13-15, 2004, at Shangri-La Makati Hotel in Makati City, Philippines.  The conference will be an excellent networking opportunity, combined with some presentations.  There will be an exciting entertainment program on the Valentinefs Day.


Gentlemenfs Quarterly (GQ) Will Feature Harvard Business School

Gentlemaenfs Quarterly (GQ), a respected magazine for U.S. executives, just launched the Japanese version in April.  It will feature Harvard Business School in its July issue (to be published on May 24).

(Kiyotaka Fujii, MBA86; Toshimasa Mori, MBA93)

New Executive Committee Member: Jiro Saruwatari, MBA95

Jiro Saruwatari, MBA95, who currently works for Egon Zehnder, joined the executive committee.  Tsuneo Inui (MBA65), Toshihide Kasutani (MBA91) and  Izumi Nishizaki (MBA85) resigned from the committee.  We are grateful for the contribution of the resigning  committee members and look forward to working with the new member.                                                                                                                                      (Masako Egawa, MBA86)

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