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        Harvard Business School Club of Japan Newsletter

Vol. XI - No.1                                                                                                                              October 2004

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-            Dinner in honor of HBS Dean Kim Clark on December 9

-            AHUACA Conference in Manila on November 19-21

-            Preliminary announcement of Business Award Dinner on January 31



Dinner in Honor of HBS Dean Kim Clark

on December 9


As Kim B. Clark, Dean of Harvard Business School, will visit Japan in early December, HBS Club of Japan will be hosting a dinner in his honor on the evening of Thursday, December 9.  Since becoming the dean in 1995, Kim has made remarkable changes to HBS, including upgrading the campus IT infrastructure (that is why you have Life-long Email Forwarding Address) and launching the global initiative, which led to establishment of overseas research centers (that is why we have a research center in Tokyo).  He has also undertaken a major renovation of the Baker Library to provide the state-of-the-art facilities and resources, which will be completed next year.  In addition to assuming heavy administrative responsibility, he has continued his pursuit of his research agenda and even published a book in 2000, titled: Design Rules: The Power of Modularity.  The book was translated into Japanese and published by Toyo Keizai in March 2004 under the title, gfUCE[\W[p[.h


Over dinner Kim will speak about the recent developments and future plans of HBS and those of the University.  There is also a lot going on at the rest of Harvard; last year, the University purchased a land in Allston, south of the B-School and will be expanding the campus on the Boston side.  When it is finished, HBS will no longer be gon the other side of the riverh but will become the gcenter of the Harvard University.h  Please join us to find out about those exciting developments!


Date:               Thursday, December 9th

Time:                  Cocktail starts at 6:30pm

Sit Down Dinner starts at 7:30pm

Place:    TBA@(We will announce the venue later.)

Fee:                10,000yen/person 


Kimfs biography is available at:  http://dor.hbs.edu/fi_redirect.jhtml?facInfo=bio&facEmId=kclark

 (Toshimasa Mori, MBA93; Masako Egawa, MBA86)



Application Form

To: Ms. Kayoko Watanabe, McKinsey & Co., Inc.

FAX to: (03) 5562-2214 or E-mail to event@hbscoj.dp.u-netsurf.ne.jp (Phone: 03-5562-2106)

Event: Dinner in Honor of HBS Dean Kim Clark on December 9

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Preliminary Announcement of Business Award Dinner

January 31, 2005: Mr. Fujio Cho, President of Toyota


We plan to organize the 10th annual business award dinner on January 31.  This year the recipient of Business Statesman of the Year is Mr Fujio Cho, President of Toyota Motor.  The detailed announcement will follow later, but please mark your calendar.

AHUACA Conference 2004 in Manila on November 19-21


Association of Harvard University Alumni Clubs of Asia is organizing a conference in Manila on November 19-21.  The conferencefs theme is: Discovering Asia---Politics, Business, Legal Systems, And the Role of Asia in the Emerging Global Community.  The conference will take place at Shangri-La Hotel in Manila.  The confirmed speakers include: Jose Isidro Camacho, former Secretary of Finance and former Secretary of Energy of Philippines, and Larry Summers, President,  Harvard University.  For more information and registration, please contact visit:  http://www.harvardalumniasia.com

Or contact:  abby@optionsinfo.copm  or fax 632-819-3752.



Presentation by Akio Mimura, President, Nippon Steel on October 14

On October 14, HBS Club of Japan hosted a presentation by Mr. Akio Mimura (HBS MBA72), President of Nippon Steel.  Mr. Mimura began his presentation with an analysis of the current state of the Japanese economy.  He then discussed how Nippon Steel, facing the sharp increase in Yen in mid 1980s, has rationalized its operations over the past 15 years, closing down four mills and laying off employees.  The copmany recently announced that it expects to top its past records in revenue, operating profits and net profits which were achieved in March 1990, for the year ending March 2005.  Mr. Mimura frequently visits the factory floor and firmly believes that the strength of his company and other Japanese companies lie in the ggembah or the actual sites where the companyfs various activities such as production, sales (negotiations with customers) and R&D take place.  He believes that the performance of a company depends more on the thorough implementation than the strategy itself and that the company could do quite well in spite of suboptimal strategy if the implementation is done perfectly.  He emphasized that he is optimistic about competitiveness of Japanese companies which had gone through similar rationalization efforts during 1990s. 

Now it is time for him to focus on the top line growth.  He recently asked his younger directors to develop strategic plans for the future growth of the company by the year-endDHe plans to finalize his thoughts early next year. 

When asked what he enjoys most about being President, Mr. Mimura responded, gMy people listen to me about 30% of the time.  Please note that it is not 100%.  But compared to the time when I was a deputy president and nobody listened to me, it makes a big difference.  I sometimes visit factories and hear the factory managers repeating what I said in the past.  When that happens, I get a lot of satisfaction.h

(Masako Egawa, MBA 86)